During this years Dine out Vancouver Festival, we finally got the chance to dine at the famous Chambar Restaurant. It wasn’t my first time there, Jack took me to Chambar for the most amazing Birthday Brunch last year, but we went there for the first time in the evening to try the dinner menu.

I absolutely loved the atmosphere of Chambar the very first time we came and seeing it this time with it being dark outside, I liked it even more. The Chambar Team had done a fantastic job decorating this place. The exposed brick wall gives the whole restaurant a cool and hip look, mixed with a lot of wood and warm colours, it feels warm and cozy at the same time. The huge windows let in plenty of light throughout the day and are framing some nice views and twinkling lights at night!

Okay, enough about the atmosphere, I know what you all want to know, what was on the Dine out Menu! Right, for starter we had the choice between: Albacore Tuna, prepared two ways – fried and ceviche, Smoked Sablefish with pork hock and Brussels sprouts, a roasted beet salad or a spiced foie gras terrine.

I decided to order the Albacore Tuna, which came in the two versions but also with a tamarind, coconut remoulade and a spicy cabbage kumquat salad. The fried tuna was really good, perfectly tender inside with a crispy, deep fried skin! The tuna ceviche was a nice contrast and tasted even better when combined with the remoulade. Jack ordered the Smoked Sablefish, which came with pork hock, brussels sprouts and a quails egg. It all was nicely presented in a small bowl and once served, the waiter drizzled the porcini mushroom consommé over it, which was like a clear broth, making it into a soup-like dish. The flavours all worked really well together and the sablefish was as smoky and tender as you would imagine!


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Now, to choose the main dish at Chambar was a very difficult choice, the options were: Mussels in a tomato and coconut cream sauce; Mussels in a white wine and butter sauce; Steelhead trout with purple fried rice; Fried Halloumi with butternut squash and Farro; Braised Lamb shank with honey, figs and almond couscous or spice rubbed duck breast gnocchi. Exactly! Wow! How are you supposed to choose when they all sound amazing! Well, since I am not a huge mussel fan, the first two options were already out. Imagine I would like mussels, jeez, this would have taken even longer than it already did.

In the end Jack decided to order the Steelhead trout and I ordered the Halloumi. Bot dishes arrived after a short wait (surprisingly short give how packed the restaurant was). Jacks Steelhead trout was neatly arranged on the plate and came with sautéed greens, purple fried rice (yes it really was purple!), lotus root chips and pink peppercorn miso demi. The Trout was super tender and combined with the crispy lotus chips it made a nice mix of textures as well as flavours.

My Halloumi was served on a bed of greens, sprinkled with butternut squash, ras el hanout and beet humus as well as lentils, chickpeas and farro, some herbs and oranges. It was very refreshing and I very much liked the mix of the salty Halloumi combined with the slight sweetness of the hummus! The beets had a slight sweet flavour as well, which made the whole dish very flavourful and interesting. I enjoyed every single bite of it but would have liked a little bit more Halloumi.

After the main we had a short break and I once again admired the excellent service Chambar offers. This was something that stood out to me very much last time I visited them as well. Great service is a very tricky thing in my opinion. A good waiter is very attentive but not intrusive, which is a very fine line. Our waiter at Chamber during Dine Out Vancouver as well as our waiter last time had mastered this perfectly!

Now to my favourite course of every meal: The Dessert. I was pleasantly surprised that Chambar offered a small cheese plate as one of the dessert choices. Since Jack and I are huge cheese fans, we decided to get the cheese plate and the Chocolate Mousse, that way we can enjoy some cheese and then still finish the meal with something sweet.

The cheese plate consisted of a selection of 3 cheeses, our waiter told us the exact names but unfortunately I can not recall them. Anyhow, one was a very soft brie-like cheese, one was a hard cheese with very distinct and intense flavour (I loved it!) and the third one was slightly softer, more buttery and with some delicious herbs. The cheese was served with some crackers and nuts and accompanied by a spread which I guess was made with figs, as it tasted slightly sweet and was perfect with the more intense cheese.

The final of our night at Chambar was the Chocolate Mousse, which came with chocolate streusel, malted meringue and dulce de leche ice cream. Well, it tasted exactly as amazing as it sounds. Do I have to say more? I don’t think so!

Overall Chambar impressed me once more and is one of my favourite Restaurants in Vancouver. I would recommend this place to anyone who is look for a special dining experience in a hear beat! Doesn’t mater if for Brunch, Lunch or Dinner, Chambar is always a good idea and definitely worth a visit! Or two!



568 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3, Canada

Phone Number: +1-604 -879-7119

Cuisine Type: Belgian, sustainable, seafood

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Chambar is one of my favourite Restaurants in Vancouver and I would recommend this place to anyone in a heart beat. If you are looking for a casual brunch or an elegant dinner, Chambar will not disappoint you!
Value for Money (Dine out)85%
Food presentation90%
  • Great atmosphere
  • Excellent serivce
  • Stunningly presented and absolutely delicious food
  • Normally a bit expensive for my taste but during the Dine Out Festival the price was fantastic!
87%Overall Score
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Reviewed on: February 7, 2016

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