This summer was off to a slow start with very mixed weather but it’s finally picking up and this last week has just been amazing. Whilst other people complain about the 30 degrees, I could not be happier. This is exactly my climate! For those who are suffering from the heat (and for those who are not as well), my tip is, to check out Earnest Ice Cream. A delicious cone, packed with interesting flavours of ice cream, will cool you right down! Whether it be for a quick snack or as a dessert after a good meal, Earnest Ice Cream is always a good idea.

We have a variety of great ice cream and gelato places around the city, with new ones opening up at every corner, but one of my favourites is Earnest Ice Cream. Started about 4 years ago, they have been incredibly successful, opening two stores, establishing their scoop truck and collaborating with a variety of local business that now sell their jars, for example Cartems Donuterie and Dirty Apron.


But why has it been so successful and why is it so good? Because they have taken ice cream to a different level, experimenting with different ingredients and combining flavours that at first make you think: “Wait, what? Really? I don’t know…”. But trust me, after one lick, you will agree that this combination of flavours totally works!

The best part: you don’t have to order blindly, no, you can try as many flavours as you like. Unlike Bella Gelateria (one of my other favourites), where you can test only 2 flavours. You don’t even have to feel guilty when you ask if you can try the salted chocolate for the 3rd time (you know, just to be sure!) because the staff at Earnest Ice Cream is an absolute dream. Incredibly friendly and patiently they hand you one spoon after the other, tell you all about their favourite flavours and how you should combine them until you are finally happy with your choice!


In my opinion ice cream can be enjoyed at any time of the day even for breakfast. Most of you are probably thinking of ice cream as more of a dessert than a breakfast option and yes, breakfast and dessert are two words that don’t normally go together. But there are actually a lot of healthy choices to start the morning with a treat.


One of my favourite flavours at Earnest Ice Cream is Whiskey-Hazelnut. You can actually taste the Whiskey and the hazelnut flavour is not just from a syrup that is mixed in but from actual big pieces of hazelnut that are scattered throughout the ice cream. That is another reason why I like Earnest Ice Cream: they work with real ingredients, no syrups or artificial flavouring but use good old raw ingredients.  Another one to look out for is red cherry with goat cheese, which at first sounds incredibly strange but it actually tastes like cheese cake just a bit more intense due to the goat cheese. If I can’t decide, I usually get one of my all time favourites, London Fog. A white, milky cloud of deliciousness with a hint of vanilla and Earl Grey, yum!


Speaking of London Fog flavoured creations, making a London Fog layer cake is very high up on my list of things to try out soon. And so is making my own ice cream at home! I cant’ wait to create my very own unique flavour combinations, I already have so many ideas. Stay tuned for more on this, I am sure some of my very first tries will end in some hilarious results that will be no where near as good as Earnest Ice Cream.


Until I had some practice and are opening my own ice cream store, you should check out Earnest Ice Cream for sure. And, if one cone is not enough for you (believe me, I totally understand), you can even by a whole jar of it and take it home!

What is your favourite ice cream shop in the city and what is your favourite flavour? Tell me in the comments below!


Earnest Ice Cream

1829 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V5T 4S6, Canada

Phone Number: +1-778-379-0697

Cuisine Type: Ice Cream, Dessert, Sweets

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Earnest Ice Cream is THE ice cream spot in the city! If you like interesting flavour combinations, like red cherry and goat cheese for example, then this is your place. The flavours change constantly which keeps it interesting and you never know what you get. But don't you worry you creatures of habit, they also have some that remain the same, such as salted caramel and London Fog. With $5 for one flavour in a cone, Earnest Ice Cream is on the expensive side but it's definitely worth it. In my opinion, the best ice cream in the city!
Value for Money55%
Food presentation55%
  • Interesting and unique flavour combinations
  • You can try as many flavours as you want
  • They sell it in jars to take home because a cone is just not enough!
  • On the expensive side
  • Not much space to sit outside
74%Overall Score
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Reviewed on: August 21, 2016

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