I am a huge fan of the start up scene in this city, especially when they are related to food! Last week I told you all about how Enroot Meals started. In this episode I want to delve deeper into the service they offer and of course the most important ting: How does it taste? Read till the end for a great surprise!

Deciding on what’s for dinner, or lunch has never been easier. Just hit up the Enroot website and check out today’s menu! No matter what you choose, you will get a delicious, wholesome and well-balanced meal made from scratch at Enroot’s kitchen using locally sourced ingredients.

Enroot - Meals on demand - Vancouver food blog

The philosophy at Enroot is quality over quantity. Rather than offering a huge selection of meals, Enroot focuses on 6-7 freshly prepared dishes per day. That way, the team can sure all ingredients used are as fresh as possible. Let’s be honest, that’s more than enough to choose from anyway! The dishes are always a mix of good and hearty comfort foods and some lighter and health options. On top of that, Enroot offers at least one veggie dish per day and very often a vegan option too.

As easy as deciding on what to order is the ordering process itself. You can simply order online on their website using your computer or phone if you are on the go. What I love most about this is that Enroot has a picture of each of their items so you know exactly what will be delivered to you!

Confirm your order, enter your address and 15 minutes later you will have a delicious meal right to your curb. For the time being, you will have to be located in their delivery zone. However, it is fairly big already and will continue to grow. It currently includes Mount Pleasant, Strathcona, Olympic Village, Fairview and all of Downtown Vancouver.

But let’s talk food! Their most popular dish on the menu is the Naked Chicken Taco Bowl, followed closely by the Veggie Lasagna. That of course meant, I had to try these two dishes first and I have to say, they are popular for a reason.

Enroot - Meals on demand - Vancouver food blog

My personal favourite is the Veggie Lasagna! It’s the perfect comfort food on a grey Vancouver day! Packed with roasted yams and other veggies, topped off with a layer of melted cheese, it ticks all the boxes. Even though I love meat and hardly ever order anything vegetarian, I would have this meal every day! The portion size was more than generous as well, leaving me completely satisfied with a warm feeling in my belly. The same feeling I get after a delicious home cooked meal by my mum!

The Naked Chicken Taco Bowl is a great option for those looking for a slightly lighter meal. In my opinion, this is the perfect lunch that will keep you fueled and energized for the rest of the day. The flavors in this dish are spot on a make this meal a very tasty experience. Another one of my personal favorites is the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Served of a fluffy bun, the chicken is the star of the dish. It has a bit of a kick to it with the spicy seasoning which you wouldn’t expect but it definitely makes the sandwich. It’s a great and filling meal with intense flavour combinations.

Enroot - Meals on demand - Vancouver food blog

Prices at Enroot are more than fair and range from $9-$12 which already includes delivery! The portion size is decent too and is more than enough to fill you up.

You can tell that Enroot uses real ingredients by how fresh the food tastes. Always on the lookout for new ways of improving their business and sourcing local ingredients, the Enroot team has partnered up with another UBC alumni Michael Moll. Michael is the founder of My Green Space, an app that helps you optimize your garden and grow your own vegetables. The Enroot team offered him some space behind their kitchen to set up a garden and anything that grows there is getting used in the Enroot kitchen. The scale is small for now but eventually Enroot wants to try and grow more food right in their own backyard!

Enroot is a refreshing option to traditional take-out food and perfect if you want something that has some nutritional value. We all crave a comforting, home cooked meal by mom from time to time. While Enroot can’t get your Mum to come and cook for you, they are pretty darn close!

If you want to give Enroot a try (and you should) then I have some very exciting news. Next week, you will have the chance to win one month of free Enroot Meals! I am not joking, make sure to check back next Monday!

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