Good businesses are born by trying to solve a problem. We all know the struggle of maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet whilst having hardly any time for food-prep. Solving this problem is what inspired Mike and Tonner to start The Good Stuff, a smoothie delivery business


Upon starting their working careers, the two friends had hardly anytime to cook, which resulted in eating a lot of fast food. In an effort to get more vitamins into their diet Tonner and Mike started a little morning routine. They would blend up greens and fruits and enjoy a fresh smoothie together before setting off to work.

At first they used fresh kale and fresh fruits, which often would go bad before they had the chance to use it. If you don’t have time to cook, you don’t have time to go shopping every 2-3 days either. So they had the idea to freeze the ingredients in portion sizes, so they could just grab what they needed out of the freezer. Little fun fact for you: vegetables or fruits that are frozen straight away have up to 45% more nutrition than their counterparts sold in the produce aisle.

Good Stuff Smoothies - Out in Vancouver Foodblog

This morning routine quickly turned into the idea of delivering ready-to-blend-smoothies to others and helping them to solve the same problem.

To realize their idea, Tonner and Mike partnered up with Graeme, who brings extensive experience in logistics and operations from his time at Pepsico to the team. Between the three of them they have all the skills needed and The Good Stuff was born in April 2016.
The team started out with a delivery only business, which remains the focus of The Good Stuff. But things have been going well and they recently opened their first storefront in West Point Grey.

Good Stuff Smoothies - Out in Vancouver Foodblog

I was lucky enough to visit them not long after they opened and got a tour around their space. It’s a cute little space, which they built mainly themselves out of reclaimed wood. It was great to see that they used recycled material wherever they could. They even have coasters and a wooden display board made from recycled chopsticks. Such a fantastic idea!

With the addition of their first store, they have also been able to expand their product range and added smoothie bowls, energy bites as well as daily soups. Soon you will also be able to get fresh salads and wraps. This is only available at the storefront but the impressive smoothie selection is still being delivered all across Vancouver.

Good Stuff Smoothies - Out in Vancouver Foodblog

Whether you are a smoothie lover or on the skeptical side, you should check out their selection, they offer something for everyone. The recipes are designed by a dietitian with the goal to provide the right nutrition for your goal. No matter if you want to loose weight, get more focused or build muscle, they have the right package for you. They also make sure things don’t get boring by having a seasonal blend, which rotates every couple of weeks.

With an order of at least 6 smoothies you will get them delivered right to your house for a fee of $3,95. Delivery is free if you order 10 or more smoothies. Right now you also have the chance to win a free 6 pack!


With smoothie and juice shops popping up allover the city, you might wonder what’s so special about these guys? Well, they are unique in the fact that they offer ready-to-blend smoothies, meaning the smoothies they deliver have all the ingredients chopped up and frozen inside the cup but are not yet blended.

Good Stuff Smoothies - Out in Vancouver Foodblog

The great thing about this is that you can order many smoothies ahead of time and store them in your freezer for months. Grab one straight out of the freezer in the morning, throw them in your blender, add the liquid of your choice and you are ready to rock the day!

Here is Tonner, summing it all up for you:

Sustainability is a big focus at The Good Stuff, whether it’s using recycled materials or ensuring the fruits and veggies are locally sourced. The majority of their produce comes from the UBC Farm and other local suppliers, such as Fresh Roots Farm. The Good Stuff is also part of the Rebel Food Program, which wholesales vegetables who don’t conform to the aesthetics needed to sell them in supermarkets. Since their fruit and veg are blended up anyway, it doesn’t matter how they look but that way they make use of perfectly good produce that otherwise would be thrown away. We all waste way too much food, so I am very happy to see businesses paying attention to this!


The Good Stuff has been very successful but this doesn’t mean the three of them will stop here. Oh no, they have big plans for the future, looking to open more stores and branch out into wholesales as well as sell their smoothies to supermarkets across Vancouver. I am sure that we will hear a lot more about Tonner, Graeme and Mike over the next year!

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