Do you like Valentines Day? To be honest, I don’t care to much about it but hey, it is a nice occasion to treat your loved one(s) special. Or get treated special…. or treat yourself special. I am a very lucky girl and my fiancé likes to treat me to something nice on occasions like this. So knowing that I wanted to check out the Lupo Restaurant for a while now, he booked a table for Valentines Day.

I had heard quite a lot about this place, which is why it made it on my “Must-try-list” (yes, this list is very long) but also the fact that we pretty much live right next to it, constantly reminded me that I still hadn’t tried this place. So I was very much looking forward to it and I should not be disappointed. But lets start at the beginning.

We arrived at the Lupo Restaurant just in time for our reservation and I fell in love with this place from the very first moment. It is in an century Heritage House right in Downtown Vancouver on Hamilton Street and the restaurant area is spread over the whole house. I absolutely loved the idea to put a restaurant in a house and was wondering, why I had not seen anything like this before. You have a few tables in the living room, then you have a few tables in the dining room and where normally the kitchen would be, there is a big bar. From the entrance a gorgeous wooden stair case leads the way up to the first floor, where you will find an additional room with a few tables and a bar. But see for yourself.

We were lucky and got a very nice table in the upstairs room, right by the window. I could not stop looking around, as I was so fascinated by this very different layout of a restaurant. It was very refreshing to see something completely different and yet so simple, as I find that a lot of the restaurants here in Vancouver look very similar. The overall atmosphere in the Lupo Restaurant is very cozy and homey but with a very clean and elegant design.

As we went there on Valentines Day, there was a special menu for this day. The regular Menu of the Lupo Restaurant in Vancouver is very much influenced by Italian Food and offers a variety of pasta but also dishes such as Roasted Steelhead Trout, Rack of Lamb or Chicken Cacciatore.

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The Valentines Day Menu had 4 categories, Appetizer, Pasta, Main and Dessert as well as a two add ons, such as Mixed Artisan Breads and Asparagus Fonduata. As we were both starving, we decided to go foo 3 courses each (you had the option to do 4 as well) and order Mixed Artisan Breads as a side. That plan did not work out, though and somehow we ate all the bread before the first course even got served. But we were so hungry and it was so really really good!

For the appetizer, I went for Grilled Prawn and Scallop, which was so unbelievable good. It came with a lemony zabaglione, which was a very nice accompaniment to the prawn and scallop. Jack went for the Burrata, which was a bit like Tomato-Mozzarella but 10 times better. The Mozzarella was super soft and creamy and the tomatoes were sweet and juice. On top of it sat a crispy fried slice of bread, which rounded the whole starter up perfectly.

For the main dish, we could choose between the pasta and the main dishes on the menu. After asking our very nice and helpful waiter for a recommendation and he sold me on the Sablefish, which was delicious. The fish was so soft and tender, it melted in my mouth and tasted amazing. Jack decided for the Stuffed Free Range Chicken and it was very tasty as well. The chicken was stuffed with Mozzarella and had a thin strip of prosciutto on the outside, which added some crisp to it and made you never ever wanting to stop eat!

The portion sizes were just perfect, so there was still some space left for dessert (my favorite part of every meal). Jack ordered the Bonet Piedmontese with chocolate, caramel and coffee and I went for the Tiramisu. Both was delicious as well and a perfect end to a perfect meal!

The Lupo Restaurant in Vancouver is a great place to dine out, my favorite so far. The atmosphere is great and the house as a restaurant locations ads a special flair to this place. The staff was very welcoming and you could see they know what they were talking about, which is not self-evident anymore these days. The food was just perfect, so delicious and full of flavor, you can taste that they use good and fresh ingredients. I very much liked that most of the food is very simple really but the way it is combined and because of good ingredients, it makes it to a very special experience. Take the Burrata for example, it is basically tomato and mozzarella, so nothing major complicated but as the ingredients are super fresh and good, it is delicious. Then the thin slice of crispy toasted bread on top and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette, make your tastebuds dance and make something simple to something unique! Lupo, we will be back soon.

Lupo Restaurant and Vinoteca

869 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2R7 2R7, Canada

Phone Number: +1 604-569-2535

Cuisine Type: Italian

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If you are looking for the perfect place to take someone on a special occasion, then you should seriously consider the Lupo Restaurant in Vancouver! Their food is just amazing and the style of the restaurant makes the dine out experience even more special. You intrigued now? Go check them out, trust me, you won't regret it!
Value for money85%
Food presentation95%
  • Great atmosphere and great look of the restaurant
  • Probably the best Italian food I ever had
  • Friendly staff that knows what they are talking about
  • Not cheap but definitely worth every cent
88%Overall Score
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Reviewed on: March 11, 2015

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