Hidden behind an inconspicuous door on Granville Street, you will find a lovely little restaurant, the Refinery. We recently went here during ‘Dine out Vancouver’ and could not have left more satisfied.

To get to the restaurant, you enter a small door and have to walk upstairs on a cool wooden staircase, which looks like it is made out of old crates. The look of the Refinery is modern and cool but in a very cozy and homely way as they used a lot of wood for the interior design. The restaurant is a nice size, not to small and not to big and is divided into two rooms by a wall of wine bottles.


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As I mentioned, we went there during ‘Dine out Vancouver’ and chose from their mouth-watering dine out menu.
For the first course we decided for Tomato Soup with croutons and Octopus Carpaccio, both delicious, except that we were missing some salt on the Carpaccio.

As the second course I ordered a Braised Lamb Shank with spiced green beans and Polenta and it was amazing. The lamb was so tender, it melted in my mouth and the beans had just the right amount of spices. Jack ordered the Pork Belly with Frittata and pot roasted tomatoes, which looked delicious and apparently tasted great as well. For dessert we shared a piece of the goat cheese cake and a chocolate mousse, which finally put is into food heaven.

I took a little peek at their regular menu and I am sure we will be back at the Refinery in Vancouver soon! Overall I really enjoyed the evening there and can recommend it to anyone who likes great food and excellent service in a nice atmosphere!

Update: We went back to the Refinery a few months later and I have to say I was quite disappointed the second time. The food did not taste anything like I remembered it from our Dine Out Vancouver experience. The portions were very small (okay they were small the first time around as well but it was a set tasting menu, so I expected that) and it didn’t taste of much to be honest. In my opinion a restaurant should live up to the expectations you set when you promote it. The Refinery did not live up to the expectations I had coming back after our first great experience.

The Refinery

1115 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1M1, Canada

Phone Number: +1 (604) 687-8001

Cuisine Type: Italian

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The three course meal cost us 18 $ each and therefore was amazing value for money. The food was great but we wished it would have been a little bit more. When we came back a few months later, we were quite disappointed by the food and the service, it was a completely different experience, which makes me not wanting to come back.
Value for money25%
Food presentation35%
  • Good service
  • Nice Atmosphere
  • Food was great the first time we went but the second time around it wasn't as good, was a bit disappointed
  • Expensive for what you get
38%Overall Score
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Reviewed on: January 20, 2015

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