There are these special occasion where you need something just a bit more personal, just a bit more special than anything you can buy in a store. Whether it’s to say thank you to all your lovely wedding-helpers or a surprise for a special birthday, Beba got you covered with her custom chocolate.

Beba only uses high quality couverture chocolate for her creations and every item is handcrafted with an immense amount of love and attention to detail. For example, her Easter collection:

Beba Custom Chocolate - Out in Vancouver Foodblog

The dark chocolate Beba uses has 70% cocoa with a floral aroma and an intense bitterness followed by woody notes. I’m a huge dark chocolate fan personally and this one is very high on my list! Beba’s milk chocolate has a darker colour and tastes of roasted cocoa, it’s enriched with aromatic hints, which gives it more complexity.

A selection of her milk chocolate easter eggs with cute designs:

Beba Custom Chocolate - Out in Vancouver Foodblog

This one is my personal favourite, a milk chocolate bunny with an artful designed and filled with a blueberry ganache:

Beba Custom Chocolate - Out in Vancouver Foodblog

How cute are those? Little milk chocolate chicks, filed with different fillings such as peanut butter, caramel and blueberry:

Beba Custom Chocolate - Out in Vancouver Foodblog

Make sure to check out Bebas website for all of her creations and to get in touch for custom made chocolates. Apart from chocolate Beba makes lots of other wonderful treats too!

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