Vancouver’s abundance of coffeeshops means you are never far from your next caffeine fix, but what if you are looking for more than that? Sometimes I want to stay and linger, while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Many coffeeshops in this city are lacking in atmosphere, coziness and individuality, that make me want to stay but not Finch’s Coffee & Tea House!

Finch's Cafe - OutinVancouver - FoodblogLocated in the Strathcona Neighbourhood, Finch’s is an inconspicuous place on the corner of West Pender and Homer Street. Due to it’s corner location, it is bright and airy, the perfect spot to  indulge in some serious people watching.


Finch's Cafe - OutinVancouver - FoodblogNot only does Finch’s offer a good selection of organic coffee and tea, they also have a variety of sandwiches, soups, salads and sweet treats available. My personal favourite: The Pear-Brie-Prosciutto Baguette served with nuts and a balsamic vinaigrette.
I have always loved the combination of fruit and cheese but this sandwich takes it to another level! The juicy pear takes the edge of the intense brie, mixed with the meaty-salty flavours of the Prosciutto and the crunchy textures of the nuts, this is a true fest for your tastebuds.


Finch's Cafe - Pear-Brie-Prosciutto-Sandwich-OutinVancouver - FoodblogBut Finch’s is not just a coffeeshop, it also functions as a shop. Sold are special Italian ingredients, such as olive oil, tomato paste and pasta as well as fresh produce. It is nice to be able to browse a little, while waiting for your coffee. Then snuggle up in a cozy corner, with your hot beverage and watch live go by outside.


Finchs Cafe - OutinVancouver - FoodblogFinch’s is a must for everyone, who appreciates good coffee, fresh sandwiches and an atmosphere that invites to stay.  It’s too bad that they are not open on Sundays but make sure to check them out on your next free morning or afternoon!


Finchs Cafe - OutinVancouver - FoodblogWhat is your favourite place for enjoying a good cup of coffee while indulging in some serious people watching? Tell me in the comments below, I am curious to know!



353 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T1, Canada

Phone Number: + 1-604-899-4040

Cuisine Type: Coffeeshop, Italian

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Finch's is a cute little neighbourhood coffeeshop that offers excellent choices for your caffeine fix. It is part cafe, part shop selling a few special Italian ingredients and fresh produce. The bright space invites you to stay and pause life for a bit, while enjoying a good cup of coffee or one of their delicious sandwiches.
Value for Money70%
Food presentation80%
  • Very individual feel, bright and airy space that is part shop, part cafe
  • Great coffee and delicious sandwiches as well as some sweet treats
  • Lovely staff
  • No outdoor space
  • Closed on Sundays
78%Overall Score
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Reviewed on: September 18, 2016

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